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The TICC Company takes on your day to day onboarding activities to help make sure you meet your legal obligations. Unlike most, we support the full scope of your obligations, including entity monitoring and reporting, New Zealand and Overseas, Standard and Enhanced.
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Our Approach

The TICC Company was borne of frustration - watching poorly implemented customer onboarding putting a burden on business and consumer alike. Our Vision is simple - we want to turn an obligation into an advantage for you by making it easy to engage.

By specialising and making use of an array of tools and databases, we have been able to take away much of the pain, reducing the impact on you and on customers who expect much smarter interaction than traditional methods allow.


Introduce us to the customer entity to be onboarded, and we will take it from there. We will gather as much information as possible before we contact the customer, improving the quality of analysis as well as reducing the burden on them and you. When complete, we report back with our recommendation and, if requested, a price to enable you to disburse the cost.


We help you with your ongoing AML obligations with periodic reporting that demonstrates your compliance. We also act as your ‘AML coach’, discussing entity risks as we identify them, and helping with your decision making processes.

Our Team

Our team has the knowledge and experience to take care of all of your AML needs.


Managing Director

Adam has cut his teeth in financial intelligence work at Inland Revenue, and was at the Financial Markets Authority for Phase 1 of the AML legislative programme. His experience is from the other side too: he is the independent Chair of a high risk reporting entity, and wrote an entire compliance programme for a licensed financial services startup. He is passionate about privacy and maintaining New Zealand’s place as one of the safest countries in the world. In his spare time he works as a specialist for the International Monetary Fund.


Chief Compliance Officer

Alice holds a Master of Laws and has a PhD in Criminology. She is the technical specialist for TIC, ensuring our processes and practices exceed requirements, and tackling the more complex parts of our work. When not at TIC she lectures in criminology at Auckland University.



At the Financial Markets Authority Kirsty held responsibility for the AML programme through the Phase I deployment. She is a director and advisor to several reporting entities, and maintains a strong interest in the way compliance practice is developing in New Zealand.


Chief Operations Officer

John cut his teeth in international mining and finance before moving back to New Zealand to head up the IT function for the Financial Markets Authority, and later the delivery of the Personal Property Security Register (PPSR) for MBIE. John now leads the IT and operations arms of TICC with a focus on security and implementation of IT systems, yet retaining the 'human edge' that makes TICC tick.

Our Analysts

Known to our friends as “TICL”, we have a dedicated team of CDD Analysts who carry out the onboarding processes, searching, reviewing, and contacting clients and customers.




Taking care of your onboarding requirements.



Review and set-up with TICC.



Delivering the reporting and updates you need to meet your governance obligations.

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